CassaMobile Holds 5th Consortium Meeting and 1st Public Workshop

University Stuttgart (USTUTT) and Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation (FhG-IPA) welcomed all the partners to the 5th CassaMobile Consortium meeting on Tuesday 6th October. After the usual greetings and lunch a short general assembly was held to enable partners to share news and future agenda items. The afternoon was spent discussing and planning the work required for the next 6 months in small groups for each Work Package. The reward for a productive afternoon’s work was dinner at the Cannstatter Volksfest where good food and copious beer were consumed in the Schwaben Bräu festival tent! The meeting continued on Wednesday with each work package providing detailed updates and agreeing tasks and deadlines for the next few months. Again, the hard work and progress was celebrated with a good dinner and of course more beer at the Brauhaus in the city centre.

Thursday saw the first cross-project Workshop held. This provided an excellent opportunity to see the achievements of related and complementary EU funded projects including CassaMobile, SmartLAM, ReBorn, I-Ramp, VolProd, activTool, SelSus, VolProd and Co-Factor. After lunch these presentations were followed by two moderated discussion sessions which aimed to find ways to collaborate and maximise the impact of the projects through sharing experiences, best practice and future shared events. The discussions proved extremely useful and a list of recommendations and future actions were agreed. Presentations, the report of the afternoon discussions as well as the participants list can be downloaded from the workshop webpage. 

The workshop was concluded with an opportunity to view the CassaMobile container, now at FhG-IPA ready to receive the individual process modules being developed by the partners. The images show Tim (FhG-IPA) proudly showing the CassaMobile container and Christian (FhG-IPA) explaining the module bays inside the container to visitors.
@ 2013 CassaMobile Project
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The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Community's Seventh Framework Programme under grant agreement No. 609146 (Project CassaMobile).