CassaMobile at the OTWorld exhibition (3-6 May 2016 in Leipzig, Germany)

Cassamobile will be taking part in the OTWorld exhibition on 3-6 May 2016, Leipzig, Germany.   

OTWorld is one of the world’s largest exhibitions of orthotics, prosthetics and rehabilitation technologies.

Peacocks, representing CassaMobile there, will be located at the CAMPUS Innovation Forum hall 1 booth B40.

Everybody is welcome to attend.  If you choose to attend, Peacocks will be happy to arrange a pass for you.

For more details, please refer to the exhibition website

World Manufacturing Forum and AM cluster

As part of the EC's initiatives related to Additive manufacturing, including 3D printing, CassaMobile has been invited to present its findings at the International Cooperation Additive Manufacturing Cluster in Barcelona, Spain, on the 02/05/2016, back to back with the World Manufacturing Forum:

At this occasion, CassaMobile coordinator Christian Seifarth (Fraunhofer IPA) will have the opportunity to discuss the CassaMobile concept and container development with researchers and industry representatives from allover Europe, the United States (including America Makes), Canada (including Canada Makes), South Africa and Mexico.

CassaMobile at the Fraunhofer Direct Digital Manufacturing Conference 2016

CassaMobile will be prominently represented at the Fraunhofer Direct Digital Manufacturing Conference 2016 (Sofitel hotel Berlin, 16-17 March 2016).

In a keynote by Richard Bibb from Loughborough University (UoL) as well as through presentations and posters by Christian Seifarth (Fraunhofer IPA) and Andrew Johnson (UoL), the CassaMobile system concept and container development will be presented to a wide audience from academia, applied research and industry.

CassaMobile holds 6th Consortium Meeting in Loughborough

The 6th CassaMobile consortium meeting took place on 17-18 Feb 2016.

Kindly hosted by the Loughborough university team, the consortium focussed on the mutual needs for further container development , opportunities to exhibit the container and plans for the container use beyond the project completion in August 2016.

An interesting tour we had at a Gin distillery nearby, an excellent curry dinner and British pub culture and hospitality were the rewards for two days of intensive discussions and agreements reached.

CassaMobile is getting real

The CassaMobile container is getting real and we are very glad to share with you a blog we started to report regularly about the progress we make.

Recently, the first process modules have been installed and more is already scheduled ...

Enjoy browsing!

CassaMobile Holds 5th Consortium Meeting and 1st Public Workshop

University Stuttgart (USTUTT) and Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation (FhG-IPA) welcomed all the partners to the 5th CassaMobile Consortium meeting on Tuesday 6th October. After the usual greetings and lunch a short general assembly was held to enable partners to share news and future agenda items. The afternoon was spent discussing and planning the work required for the next 6 months in small groups for each Work Package. The reward for a productive afternoon’s work was dinner at the Cannstatter Volksfest where good food and copious beer were consumed in the Schwaben Bräu festival tent! The meeting continued on Wednesday with each work package providing detailed updates and agreeing tasks and deadlines for the next few months. Again, the hard work and progress was celebrated with a good dinner and of course more beer at the Brauhaus in the city centre.

Thursday saw the first cross-project Workshop held. This provided an excellent opportunity to see the achievements of related and complementary EU funded projects including CassaMobile, SmartLAM, ReBorn, I-Ramp, VolProd, activTool, SelSus, VolProd and Co-Factor. After lunch these presentations were followed by two moderated discussion sessions which aimed to find ways to collaborate and maximise the impact of the projects through sharing experiences, best practice and future shared events. The discussions proved extremely useful and a list of recommendations and future actions were agreed. Presentations, the report of the afternoon discussions as well as the participants list can be downloaded from the workshop webpage. 

The workshop was concluded with an opportunity to view the CassaMobile container, now at FhG-IPA ready to receive the individual process modules being developed by the partners. The images show Tim (FhG-IPA) proudly showing the CassaMobile container and Christian (FhG-IPA) explaining the module bays inside the container to visitors.

CassaMobile collaborations

CassaMobile is glad to announce a number of recent initiatives for collaboration with related projects. 

On 29-30 April 2015, the EC hosted an "Factory of the Future" (FoF) Impact workshop where all FoF projects funded under the European Commission’s Framework Programme 7 presented their actual and expected results as well as cooperation among the projects. There projects working in similar areas presented their results together and showed current and possible future cooperation activities.

CassaMobile was presented together with projects in the area of ‘Adaptive system integration of automation equipment’, where also our cooperating projects SkillPro, Prime and I-Ramp³ were presented. The presentation was held by the co-ordinator of the Coordination and Support Action (CSA) ‘Co-Factor’ which clusters project working on Smart Components. 

CassaMobile is an associated project in Co-Factor, as the other mentioned cooperating projects are.

Another CSA in which CassaMobile is involved as associated partner is the project FoFam. In FoFAM, projects working in the area of Additive Manufacturing are clustered. Goal is to identify and facilitate cooperation between the projects, to disseminate commonly and standardization acitivities, mainly in the area of additive manufacturing.

In the course of the workshop preparation a CassaMobile profile on the EFFRA Innovation Portal ( was set up. Here a short abstract of the project, areas of work and significant results are now published.

12 months meeting in Porto

The third CassaMobile consortium meeting was hosted by partner Critical Manufacturing (CMF, in Oporto, PT on 17-18 Sep 2014. The meeting concentrated on the CassaMobile system concept and the progress made so far and provided a lot of room for discussion of the mutual needs of all. The meeting closed with a visit of the brand-new CMF facilities where we got to know the company's modern office culture and flair. Also the Porto cellars, the famous Francesinha sandwich, Portuguese hospitality and the lovely city centre were highlights of a great time we all spent in Oporto. 

CassaMobile full website online

We are happy to announce that the CassaMobile full website is now online. It will be our pleasure to update it constantly with news, events and project achievements.

6 Months meeting and Exploitation Workshop, Newcastle

The second Consortium Meeting was held 5th to 7th March 2014 (month 6 of the project). The meeting was hosted by use case partner Peacocks at the Vermont Hotel in Newcastle-upon-Tyne city centre. The first day of the meeting was devoted to exploitation with a seminar and working groups establishing exploitation strategies for the various work packages. The first day concluded with an excellent dinner in the city centre. The second day began with a presentation and tour of the Peacocks facility in Newcastle. This provided an excellent opportunity to see the traditional skills and craft that go into their products as well as their world-leading implementation of Additive Manufacturing for orthoses. The afternoon was devoted to work package group meetings. The second day included an interesting tour behind the scenes at St. James Park, Newcastle United’s football stadium followed by an excellent curry dinner. The meeting concluded with management and dissemination procedures being agreed and planning the next meeting.
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The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Community's Seventh Framework Programme under grant agreement No. 609146 (Project CassaMobile).